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Other Words for Close

Close Adjective Synonyms
closed, shut (up), fixed, fast, secure, tight
The hostages spent a month in close confinement.

nearly equal or even, close-matched, neck and neck, tight
It was a close race, but Flanagan won by a hair.

dense, compact, tight, cramped, compressed, tiny, minuscule, minute
I could hardly read the close writing on the matchbox.

careful, assiduous, precise, detailed, concentrated, strict, rigorous, minute, searching, attentive, alert, intent, intense, thorough, painstaking
Close analysis has revealed that the handwriting is that of a left-handed adult.

private, privy, secret, guarded, closely guarded, confidential
Although it should have been a close secret, the press managed to get hold of it.

secluded, concealed, shut up or away, hidden
The fugitives decided to lie close till nightfall.

stingy, mean, miserly, niggardly, tight-fisted, close-fisted, parsimonious, penurious, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, Scrooge-like, skinflinty, near, mingy
He's so close he charges his own mother rent.

attached, intimate, devoted, familiar, inseparable, close-knit, solid, confidential, fast, thick, thick as thieves, pally, palsy-walsy, buddy-buddy
They are a very close family. She and her father are very close.

stuffy, musty, stale, fusty, confining, oppressive, airless, unventilated, confined, stifling, suffocating
They locked me in a room that was so close I could hardly breathe.

near, in the neighborhood (of), not far, adjacent (to), alongside, at hand, nearby, close by
The murder took place close to my house. I'm frightened, so please stay close by.

secretive, reticent, taciturn, reserved, close-mouthed, tight-lipped, silent
She is very close about the whereabouts of her husband.

Close Adverb Synonyms
end, termination, conclusion, finish, completion, cessation, culmination
By the close of trading, share prices had risen again.

Close Verb Synonyms
shut, close up, seal, close off, lock, padlock, secure, fasten
I closed my eyes. Please close the door behind you.

conclude, end, finish, complete, bring to a close or end, terminate, climax, wind up
A brilliant flourish closes the first movement of the symphony.

conclude, sign, seal, make, settle, clinch, agree, arrange, work out, establish
Union and management closed a deal, the strike was called off.

make inaccessible, shut, place off limits
The Bodleian Library will be closed for a week.

near, adjacent, proximate, proximal
He claims to have had a close encounter with an extraterrestrial. There certainly is a close resemblance between Kathy and her daughter.

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