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Other Words for Clean

Clean Adjective Synonyms
They say they've produced a clean bomb, but I don't believe it.

clean-cut, neat, simple, definite, uncomplicated, smooth, even, straight, trim, tidy
The edges of the fracture are clean and will mend quickly.

innocent, blameless, inoffensive, respectable, decent, chaste, pure, honourable, good, undefiled, virtuous, moral
The suspect was completely clean - he was out of town at the time of the robbery.

unarmed, weaponless
Frisk that suspect and make sure he's clean.

pure, undefiled, unsullied, unmixed, unadulterated, uncontaminated, unpolluted, uninfected, unspoiled or unspoilt, sanitary, disinfected, antiseptic, decontaminated, purified, sterile
The laboratory reports that our well water is absolutely clean. You must use a clean bandage.

unsoiled, untainted, unstained, unsullied, cleansed, cleanly, (freshly) laundered or washed, scrubbed, spotless, immaculate
She puts on clean underwear every day in case she's involved in an accident.

Clean Adverb Synonyms
completely, entirely, thoroughly, fully, totally, wholly, altogether, quite, utterly, absolutely
Geoff's clean out of his mind if he believes that. With one blow he cut the orange clean through.

Clean Verb Synonyms
cleanse, wash, lave, (take a) shower, sponge, mop, scrub, scour, sweep, dust, vacuum, polish, launder, dry-clean, hoover, tidy, neaten, do up, straighten up or out, unclutter, bath, bathe
When we cleaned the urn, we could read the inscription. I have told Richard a thousand times to clean his room.

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