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Other Words for Child

Child Noun Synonyms
offspring, descendant, son or daughter, little one, youngster, progeny, issue, kid, nipper, sprog
How many children do you have? .

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Foster Child

Life Style / Adoption / Foster Child: Child who is placed with a state-licensed family or in a group care facility because their biological parents cannot provide proper care. MORE

Minority Children

Life Style / Adoption / Minority Children: Children of partial or full non-Caucasian parentage, or mixed Caucasian and non-Caucasian heritage. MORE

Waiting Children

Life Style / Adoption / Waiting Children : Children in the public child welfare system who cannot return to their birth homes and need permanent, loving families to help them grow up safe and secure. MORE

Special Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women Infants And Children (WIC)

Business / Agriculture / Special Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women Infants And Children (WIC): WIC provides federal grant funds to state health agencies and recognized Indian tribal organizations to operate programs for low-income pregnant and postpartum mothers, infants, and children (under ag MORE

Child Nutrition Programs

Business / Agriculture / Child Nutrition Programs: A grouping of programs funded by the federal government to support meal and milk service programs for children in schools, residential and day care facilities, family and group day care homes, and sum MORE

Special Needs Children

Life Style / Adoption / Special Needs Children: Children whose emotional or physical disorders, age, race, membership in a sibling group, a history of abuse or other factors contribute to a lengthy stay in foster care. Guidelines for classifying a MORE