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Other Words for Cheap

Cheap Adjective Synonyms
stingy, miserly, penurious, niggardly, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, frugal, tight, tight-fisted, Scrooge-like, skinflinty
That cheap brother of yours wouldn't give even a penny to a beggar.

inexpensive, low-priced, bargain-priced, low-cost, sale-priced, cut-price, reasonable, economy, budget(-priced)
He was chewing on a cheap cigar. Everything used to be a lot cheaper when I was younger.

economical, reduced
Eggs are cheaper by the dozen.

shoddy, base, shabby, tawdry, sleazy, tatty, seedy, inferior, low-grade, poor, second-rate, trashy, worthless, twopenny or tuppenny, tacky, tinpot, two-bit, lousy, chintzy
Those cheap pictures ruin the look of the place.

Cheap Adverb Synonyms
cheaply, easily, reasonably, for a song, for twopence or tuppence
She has sold cheap that which she holds most dear.

inexpensively, cheaply, for a song, for twopence or tuppence
You can buy those cheap from any street vendor.

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