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Character Noun Synonyms
eccentric, card, oddball, nut, nutter, loony, bat, weirdo, nutcase, screwball, crackpot, fruit cake, cove
She was regarded as quite a character because of her many strange habits.

person, personage, personality, individual
Cobbett had more sagacity and foresight than any other public character of his time.

role, part, personality, characterization, dramatis persona
He played the character of Caesar.

characteristic, quality, distinction, trait, feature, mark, sort, kind, type, nature, description, attribute, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity
He now tried to give the war the character of a crusade. It is the character of some people to be curious.

brand, stamp, mark, symbol, monogram, insigne, badge, emblem, sign, seal, label, letter, number, figure, type, sort, arbitrary, peculiar, rune, hieroglyphic or hieroglyph
They used to brand the character of a horse on the forehead of their slaves. We shall need to obtain a set of Cyrillic characters if we are going to print Russian texts.

role, position, status, capacity
He assumes the character of a Dutch uncle when he speaks to me.

morality, honesty, integrity, respectability, rectitude, honor, courage, goodness
Everyone agrees that she is a person of outstanding character.

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Kind / Number / Card / Mark / Individual / Brand / Type / Sign / Stamp / Position / Sort / Part

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