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Other Words for Change

Change Noun Synonyms
variation, alteration, change-over, mutation, shift, modulation, modification, transformation, metamorphosis, revolution
I can't believe the change that has come over Betty since the divorce.

coin(s), coppers, silver, (hard) cash
I need some change for the coffee machine.

variation, difference, switch, variety, novelty
We prefer to live where there is a change of the seasons, not in the tropics.

substitution, replacement, exchange, interchange, switch
You have five minutes for a change of costume. This sunny weather is certainly a change for the better.

Change Verb Synonyms
exchange, interchange, switch, trade, replace (with), substitute, swap or swop
I won't be a minute, I just want to change my shoes. I'd like to change this shirt for a larger size.

modify, alter, modulate, mutate, transform, metamorphose
Antoinette has changed since her marriage. I never thought anyone would be able to make her change her mind.

fluctuate, shift, vary, vacillate
The temperature often changes very rapidly here.

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