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Other Words for Celebration

Celebration Noun Synonyms
party, fête, gala, festivities, frolic, revelry, merrymaking
The New Year's celebration is planned at Jill's house this year.

observance, observation, performance, solemnization, hallowing, sanctification, memorialization, commemoration
The celebration of the Eucharist was delayed because the vicar had been called to a sickbed.

praising, extolling, honouring
The ceremony was a celebration of their achievements in space exploration.

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Life Style / Holiday / Solnal: The 13th day after Now Ruz marking the end of the old Middle Eastern New Year Celebrations. Celebrated on April 2. MORE

Guy Fawkes Day

Life Style / Holiday / Guy Fawkes Day: Celebration of the capture and execution by burning an effigy (model) of Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the House of Parliament in England with gunpowder. It is a tradition to light bonfires on Novem MORE