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Other Words for Celebration

Celebration Noun Synonyms
observance, observation, performance, solemnization, hallowing, sanctification, memorialization, commemoration
The celebration of the Eucharist was delayed because the vicar had been called to a sickbed.

party, fête, gala, festivities, frolic, revelry, merrymaking
The New Year's celebration is planned at Jill's house this year.

praising, extolling, honouring
The ceremony was a celebration of their achievements in space exploration.

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Life Style / Holiday / Solnal: The 13th day after Now Ruz marking the end of the old Middle Eastern New Year Celebrations. Celebrated on April 2. MORE

Guy Fawkes Day

Life Style / Holiday / Guy Fawkes Day: Celebration of the capture and execution by burning an effigy (model) of Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the House of Parliament in England with gunpowder. It is a tradition to light bonfires on Novem MORE