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Other Words for Cabinet

Cabinet Noun Synonyms
cupboard, bureau, chifferobe, commode, chiffonier, chest (of drawers), chest-on-chest, tallboy, highboy, lowboy
The aspirin is in the medicine cabinet. Our china cabinet is, unfortunately, not a genuine Chippendale.

council, ministry, committee, advisors, senate
At the age of thirty, he became the youngest member of the cabinet.

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Drying Cabinet

Entertainment / Photography / Drying Cabinet: Vented cabinet equipped with suspension clips for drying films. MORE

Cabinet Crowd

Business / Finance / Cabinet Crowd: NYSE members who trade bonds with a low daily traded volume. See: Automated Bond System. MORE

Cabinet Security

Business / Finance / Cabinet Security: A stock or bond listed on a major exchange with low daily traded volume. MORE

Cabinet Pictures

Life Style / Painting / Cabinet Pictures: An old-fashioned name for small easel paintings. MORE

United States Trade Representative (USTR)

Business / Agriculture / United States Trade Representative (USTR): The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, originally Office of the Special Trade Representative (STR), is responsible for developing and coordinating international trade, commodity, and direct inve MORE