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Business Noun Synonyms
duty, function, occupation, calling, vocation, trade, profession, work, province, area, subject, topic, concern, affair, responsibility, role, charge, obligation
Her business is supplying models for fashion shows. Mind your own business and don't be such a Nosy Parker.

concern, establishment, organization, company, firm, house, enterprise, corporation, partnership, proprietorship
Rodney wants to sell the business and retire to Spain.

matter, job, task, subject, question, problem, issue, point, affair
Gentlemen, let us call the meeting to order and attend to the business at hand.

dealing, transaction, trade, commerce, traffic
We've never done any business with that company.

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Work / Point / Question / Affair / Subject / House

Business Office

Life Style / College / Business Office: The Business Office is responsible for all financial transactions of the college. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / E-Business: The transfer of data from one computer to another. When computers connect, trading partners can conduct business transactions electronically. E-Business promises a more efficient procedure for process MORE

Business Risk

Business / Finance / Business Risk: The risk that the cash flow of an issuer will be impaired because of adverse economic conditions, making it difficult for the issuer to meet its operating expenses. MORE

Business Segment Reporting

Business / Finance / Business Segment Reporting: Reporting the results of the separate divisions or subsidiaries of a business. MORE

Business Plan

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Business Plan: A document that provides relevant information about a company by outlining items such as the company’s business description, market or industry, management, competitors, future prospects and growth MORE

Business Opportunity

Business / Real Estate / Business Opportunity: Any type of business that is for sale (also called business brokerage). The sale or lease of the business and goodwill of an existing business, enterprise or opportunity, including a sale of all or su MORE