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Other Words for Brave

Brave Adjective Synonyms
fearless, intrepid, bold, courageous, daring, gallant, stout, stout-hearted, valiant, valorous, stalwart, plucky, staunch, undaunted, dauntless, unafraid, unfearing, indomitable, heroic, macho, gutsy
Despite her misgivings about her proposal, she put on a brave face in the boardroom. He was brave to face the enemy alone.

fine, handsome, grand, splendid, showy, colourful, spectacular, smart
The colonel made a brave appearance in full Highland regalia.

Brave Verb Synonyms
challenge, defy, dare, brazen (out), face, confront, encounter, meet
We had to brave the elements in the open boat. I had to brave my father at breakfast.

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