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Other Words for Brave

Brave Adjective Synonyms
fine, handsome, grand, splendid, showy, colourful, spectacular, smart
The colonel made a brave appearance in full Highland regalia.

fearless, intrepid, bold, courageous, daring, gallant, stout, stout-hearted, valiant, valorous, stalwart, plucky, staunch, undaunted, dauntless, unafraid, unfearing, indomitable, heroic, macho, gutsy
Despite her misgivings about her proposal, she put on a brave face in the boardroom. He was brave to face the enemy alone.

Brave Verb Synonyms
challenge, defy, dare, brazen (out), face, confront, encounter, meet
We had to brave the elements in the open boat. I had to brave my father at breakfast.

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