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Other Words for Better

Better Adjective Synonyms
more, greater, larger, bigger
I waited for her the better part of two hours.

healthier, haler, heartier, less ill or sick, improved, cured, recovered
You will feel better after you have eaten something.

You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. Can you suggest a better investment than the Channel Tunnel? I know of no better invention than the wheel.

wiser, safer, well-advised, more intelligent
It would be better to wait till tomorrow to tell her.

Better Adverb Synonyms
preferably, best, more wisely, more advisedly, more safely
We had better go before the trouble starts.

Better Noun Synonyms
gambler, speculator, wagerer, gamester, punter, bettor, crap-shooter, sport
The betters were gathered round the craps table.

advantage, mastery, superiority, control
Don't let the obstacle course get the better of you.

Better Verb Synonyms
surpass, excel, outdo, outstrip, beat, improve
She bettered her record in the 100-metre hurdles by two-tenths of a second.

improve, ameliorate, advance, raise, elevate
It was impossible in those days for labourers to better their condition.

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