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Other Words for Beginning

Beginning Noun Synonyms
start, commencement, outset, onset, inception, dawn, dawning, birth, genesis, origin, creation, day one, origination, source, well-spring
There are several competing theories about the beginning of life on earth. The beginning of the idea can be traced to Galileo.

opening, start, inception, commencement
I have plenty of energy at the beginning of the day. The book is good at the beginning, but then it gets boring.

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Birth / Dawn / Start / Origin

Point Of Beginning (POB)

Business / Real Estate / Point Of Beginning (POB): In a metes-and bounds legal description, the starting point of the survey, situated in one corner of the parcel, all metes-and-bounds descriptions must follow the boundaries of the parcel back to the MORE

Equity Capital At Beginning Of Year

Business / Finance / Equity Capital At Beginning Of Year: An agreement in which one party, for an up-front premium, agrees to pay the other at specific time periods if a designated stock market benchmark tops a predetermined level. MORE

Required Beginning Date (RBD)

Business / Taxes / Required Beginning Date (RBD): Your required beginning date is the date by which you must take your first minimum required distribution from retirement savings plans that require distributions. For an individual retirement account MORE


Business / Finance / Leader: A stock or group of stocks that is the first to move in a market upsurge or downturn. MORE

Strength Of Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Strength Of Current: Phase of tidal current in which the speed is a maximum; also the speed at this time. Beginning with slack before flood in the period of a reversing tidal current (or minimum before flood in a rotary c MORE

Astronomical Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Astronomical Time: Time formerly used in astronomical calculations in which the day began at noon rather than midnight. The astronomical day commenced at noon of the civil day of the same date. The hours of the day were MORE