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Bad Adjective Synonyms
irascible, ill-tempered, grouchy, irritable, nasty, peevish, cross, crotchety, crabby, cranky, curmudgeonly
Don't go near the boss - he's been in a bad mood all day.

distressing, severe, grave, serious, terrible, awful, painful
He was laid up with a bad case of the mumps.

corrupt, polluted, vitiated, debased, base, vile, foul, rotten, miasmic, noxious, mephitic, unhealthy, poisonous, injurious, dangerous, harmful, hurtful, pernicious, deleterious, ruinous
It wasn't healthy to be so near the bad air of the sewer.

sorry, regretful, apologetic, contrite, rueful, sad, conscience-stricken, remorseful, upset
She felt bad about having invited me.

unfavorable, unlucky, unpropitious, unfortunate, inauspicious, troubled, grim, distressing, discouraging, unpleasant
The weather out there looks bad.

off, tainted, spoilt or spoiled, mouldy, stale, rotten, decayed, putrefied, putrid, contaminated
The fridge isn't working and all the food has gone bad. She ate a bad egg and felt ill the next day.

poor, wretched, inferior, defective, awful, worthless, miserable, egregious, execrable, substandard, unsatisfactory, disappointing, inadequate, non-standard, lousy, rotten, crummy, grotty, naff
Sometimes they would send him a letter, but he was a bad correspondent. We went to see a rather bad play the other night.

evil, ill, immoral, wicked, vicious, vile, sinful, depraved, awful, villainous, corrupt, amoral, criminal, wrong, unspeakable
The man was thoroughly bad and deserved everything he got.

unpleasant, offensive, disagreeable, inclement, severe, awful, unfavorable, adverse, inclement, unpleasant, lousy, rotten
Surely you're not going sailing in this bad weather.

naughty, ill-behaved, misbehaving, disobedient, unruly, wild, mischievous
Ronnie isn't a bad boy, he's just bored.

sad, depressed, unhappy, dejected, downhearted, disconsolate, melancholy, inconsolable
I feel bad about you losing your purse.

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