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Other Words for Attitude

Attitude Noun Synonyms
posture, position, disposition, stance, bearing, carriage, aspect, demeanor
The attitude of the figures in the sculpture was one of supplication.

posture, position, disposition, opinion, feeling, view, point of view, viewpoint, approach, leaning, thought, inclination, bent, tendency, orientation
What is your attitude towards the situation in South Africa.

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More Words for Attitude

Thought / View / Position

Rond De Jambe Attitude

Entertainment / Ballet / Rond De Jambe Attitude: the leg is swung around from the front around to the side into attitude position behind as the supporting foot goes en pointe. (see also Attitude) MORE

Attitude Survey

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Attitude Survey: A tool used to solicit and assess employee opinions, feelings, perceptions and expectations regarding a variety of managerial and organizational issues. MORE

Gender Role

Science / Psychiatry / Gender Role: Attitudes, patterns of behavior, and personality attributes defined by the culture in which the person lives as stereotypically masculine or feminine social roles. MORE

Artificial Horizon

Technology / Aviation / Artificial Horizon: A vacuum-powered panel instrument that displays pitch and roll movements about the lateral and longitudinal axes: aka Attitude Indicator. MORE