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Other Words for Arrest

Arrest Noun Synonyms
stop, stoppage, check, cessation
The doctor said it was a case of cardiac arrest.

seizure, capture, apprehension, detention, restraint, bust, collar
The police have made six arrests.

Arrest Verb Synonyms
stop, halt, check, stall, forestall, detain, delay, hinder, restrain, obstruct, prevent, block, interrupt
The progress of the train has been arrested.

slow, retard, stop
I'm afraid that we have here a case of arrested mental development.

catch, capture, seize, apprehend, take, take in, take into custody, detain, nab, pinch, collar, bust, run in, nick
Foxworthy was arrested crossing the border.

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More Words for Arrest

Check / Catch / Block / Stop / Restraint / Seize / Stall / Take / Slow

Respiratory Arrest

Health / First Aid / Respiratory Arrest: The absense of breathing or presence of agonal respirations. In most cases, victims of respiratory arrest are also suffering from cardiac arrest, and should receive CPR. MORE

Earnings Arrestment

Business / Debt / Earnings Arrestment: If you are working, the money you owe to a creditor can be taken from your wages/salary directly from your employer by an earnings arrestment. MORE

Arrestment Arrestment

Business / Debt / Arrestment Arrestment: Means that money or goods held by a third party are 'frozen'. The most common example is arrestment of funds in your bank account. The third party (eg a bank) may agree to hand the property (funds) ov MORE