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Other Words for Appeal

Appeal Noun Synonyms
attraction, lure, allurement, charm, fascination
It is not hard to see why his type would have some appeal.

application, suit, entreaty, call, request, supplication, solicitation, petition, plea, prayer
Her appeal to the court has been dismissed. I don't know if God heard our appeal.

Appeal Verb Synonyms
attract, be attractive to, allure, please, invite, tempt, beguile, fascinate, interest
He seems to appeal to older women.

entreat, supplicate, solicit, plead, petition, apply, sue, beseech, beg, implore, pray
She appealed to the king to release her son from the dungeon.

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Life Style / College / SAP Appeal: Students who fail to meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress as defined in the college catalog and student handbook have the option of submitting an appeal. The financial aid office is ab MORE

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Health / Dentistry / Appeals: A process available to the patient, their family member, treating provider or authorized representative to request reconsideration of a previous adverse determination. MORE

Administrative Procedure Act

Business / Agriculture / Administrative Procedure Act: P.L. 79-404 (July 11, 1946), as amended, establishes, among other things, minimum procedural requirements or models for federal agency rulemaking and certain types of hearings. For instance, the APA e MORE