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Other Words for Alert

Alert Adjective Synonyms
awake, wide awake, watchful, vigilant, attentive, heedful, wary, cautious, on the qui vive, aware, on guard, on the lookout, observant, on the ball, on one's toes
The sentinels must remain alert throughout the night. Kenneth is alert to the perils of smoking cigarettes.

active, nimble, lively, agile, active, quick, spry, sprightly, vivacious
He is an alert and joyous old soul.

Alert Noun Synonyms
She is always on the alert for new ways of saving money.

alarm, warning, signal, siren
Sound the air-raid alert.

Alert Verb Synonyms
warn, caution, advise, alarm, forewarn, signal, notify
We must alert him to the fact that the man is a vicious killer.

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