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Other Words for Agreement

Agreement Noun Synonyms
understanding, covenant, treaty, pact, accord, compact, settlement, concordat, contract, bargain, deal
They drew up a ten-year agreement to be signed at the summit in Geneva.

concord, harmony, compatibility, unity, concurrence, unanimity
Agreement in error is far worse than division for the sake of truth.

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Pact / Compact / Accord

Sanitary And Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures And Agreements

Business / Agriculture / Sanitary And Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures And Agreements: Measures to protect humans, animals, and plants from diseases, pests, or contaminants. The final act of the Uruguay Round of the Multilateral Trade Negotiations contains 'The Agreement on the Applicat MORE

Subscription Agreement

Business / Finance / Subscription Agreement: Agreement to buy new issue of securities. MORE

Linked Agreement

Life Style / Time Shares / Linked Agreement: Two agreements, appearing to be separate, which are in fact linked. For example, in areas where laws prohibiting the taking of deposits on timeshare property exist, the buyer may be presented with bot MORE

International Wheat Agreement (IWA)

Business / Agriculture / International Wheat Agreement (IWA): Replaced in 1995 by the International Grains Agreement. MORE

International Grains Agreement (IGA)

Business / Agriculture / International Grains Agreement (IGA): Replaced the International Wheat Agreement in 1995. The IGA comprises a Grains Trade Convention (GTC) and a Food Aid Convention (FAC). The IGA is administered by the International Grains Council (IGC) MORE

Preferential Trade Agreements

Business / Agriculture / Preferential Trade Agreements: Agreements among a group of countries to extend special trading advantages, usually tariff rates that are lower than most-favored nation rates. The U.S.’s Caribbean Basin Initiative and the EU’s L MORE