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Other Words for Abuse

Abuse Noun Synonyms
misuse, misusage, misemployment, perversion, misapplication, misappropriation, Rhetoric catachresis
Beware of imitating his abuse of the language.

addiction, dependence
They are being treated for drug abuse at the local clinic.

revilement, reviling, execration, vituperation, malediction, imprecation, tongue-lashing, calumny, calumniation, vilification, obloquy, scurrility, invective, maligning, upbraiding, berating, objurgation, scolding, billingsgate
The two parties, after exchanging a good deal of abuse, came to blows.

maltreatment, ill-treatment, ill use, fault
It seemed perfectly natural that he should defend abuses by which he profited.

self-abuse, self-pollution, masturbation, violation, defilement, corruption
The schoolmasters consistently lectured the boys against any abuse of themselves.

Abuse Verb Synonyms
maltreat, ill-use, injure, wrong, hurt, mistreat, manhandle, ill-treat, damage
I cannot stand by and watch that drunk abuse his wife and family.

misuse, misemploy, pervert, misapply, exploit
The officer abused his authority in ordering the forced march at midnight.

malign, revile, censure, upbraid, assail, objurgate, lambaste, berate, rebuke, scold, reproach, disparage, traduce, defame, insult, swear at, curse (at), calumniate, slander, libel, decry, deprecate, vilify, rail against
In the report the director was abused in the most virulent terms.

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Business / Human Resources (HR) / Substance Abuse: Defined as a destructive pattern of substance (i.e., narcotics or alcohol) use leading to clinically significant social, occupational or medical impairment. MORE

Sexual Abuse Symptomology

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Physical Abuse

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