Weather Radar

Technology / Radar / Weather Radar: Weather radar is used as an aid to weather forecasting.
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Weather Adjective Synonyms: (meteorological) condition(s), climate

Radar Zone Of Influence

Technology / Radar / Radar Zone Of Influence: The area outside the main power beam or outside the beam width. MORE

Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)

Technology / Radar / Radar Warning Receiver (RWR): A radar warning receiver is a type of radar detector. MORE

Radar Transmitter

Technology / Radar / Radar Transmitter: A unit of a radar set in which the radio-frequency power is generated and the pulse is modulated. The modulator of the transmitter provides the timing trigger for the radar indicator. MORE

Radarsonde Observation

Science / Weather / Radarsonde Observation: An upper air observation used to determine winds and other meteorological data, by tracking the range, elevation, and azimuth of a radar target carried aloft. A type of rawinsonde. MORE

Same Lane Radar

Technology / Radar / Same Lane Radar: Uses dual antenna moving radar to clock vehicles ahead or behind a rolling cruiser. Example: decatur genesis i moving police radar w/ dual k-band antenna. MORE

Severe Weather

Science / Weather / Severe Weather: Generally, any destructive weather event, but usually applies to localized storms, such as blizzards, intense thunderstorms, or tornadoes. MORE