Technology / Radar / Paint: The bright area on the ppi resulting from the brightening of the sweep by the echoes. Also, the act of forming the bright area on the ppi by the sweep.
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Paint Verb Synonyms: color, tint, dye, stain, decorate
Paint Noun Synonyms: color, tint, dye, colouring, pigment, stain
Paint Adjective Synonyms: coating, coat, surface, enamel

Texture Paint

Life Style / Painting / Texture Paint: Paint that can be manipulated by brush, roller, trowel or other tool to produce various effects. MORE

Back Glass Painting

Life Style / Painting / Back Glass Painting: Painting pictures on the back of sheets of glass. With this manner the artist has to work his picture backwards, starting with what would be the finishing strokes with the conventional method. Such a MORE

Emulsion Paint

Life Style / Painting / Emulsion Paint: Paint in which particles are suspended in water or oil with the aid of an emulsifier as in latex paint. MORE

Shake Painter

Life Style / Painting / Shake Painter: A rectangular-shaped flat pad with an attached handle that is used to paint shingles, shakes and other special surfaces and areas. MORE

Pigment In Paint

Life Style / Painting / Pigment In Paint: For details of lakes, glazes and other artist-colourants, see: Colour Pigments, History, Types. MORE

Semigloss Paint Or Enamel

Business / Construction / Semigloss Paint Or Enamel: A paint or enamel made so that its coating, when dry, has some luster but is not very glossy. Bathrooms and kitchens are normally painted semi-gloss MORE