Ground Radar

Technology / Radar / Ground Radar: Ground radar is used to observe targets either on the surface of the earth, or airborne targets.
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Other Words for Ground

Ground Noun Synonyms: base, establish, organize, found, settle, set
Ground Adjective Synonyms: earth, soil, turf, sod, dirt, loam, clay, land, terrain

Radar Displays

Technology / Radar / Radar Displays: A means of displaying target information in a clear and concise manner. MORE

Radar Electronics

Technology / Radar / Radar Electronics: Traditional radar systems have relied on dedicated, radar electronics for their processing. MORE

Radar Detector

Technology / Radar / Radar Detector: An electronic device used to find any radar operating in the vicinity. MORE

Radar Cross Section (RCS)

Technology / Radar / Radar Cross Section (RCS): The radar cross section (rcs) of a target is the projected area that would intercept the transmitted signal and reflect isotropically an amount that produces the returned signal at the receiver. MORE

Radar Clutter

Technology / Radar / Radar Clutter: The term clutter refers to any objects that cause unwanted reflections of a radar's electromagnetic energy to be returned to the radar receiver. MORE

Radar Gun

Technology / Radar / Radar Gun: Radar gun is a colloquial term for a type of police radar used to measure speed. MORE