Ghost Effect

Technology / Radar / Ghost Effect: Sometimes when a radar signal hits a valid target, clutter may originate from multipath echoes created due to signal reflection from the ground, atmospheric particles or due to ionospheric reflection and/or refraction. The clutter is very bothersome because it appears to move and behave just like another normal target, thereby creating a ‘ghost’. Using a ground map of radar 's surrounding and eliminating all echoes that appear to originate from below the ground may help solve the ‘ghost’ problem.
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Other Words for Effect

Effect Adjective Synonyms: result, consequence, outcome, conclusion, upshot, aftermath, impact
Effect Noun Synonyms: effectiveness, efficacy, force, power, capacity, potency, influence, impression, impact, clout, punch

Other Words for Ghost

Ghost Adjective Synonyms: apparition, phantom, spectre, phantasm, shade, spirit, wraith, poltergeist, banshee, double-ganger, Doppelganger, ghoul, manes, boggart, hallucination, illusion, vision, spook

Inverse Barometer Effect

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January Effect

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