Technology / Radar / Crystal: A crystalline substance which allows electric current t to pass in only one direction.
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Zoned Crystal

Science / Geology / Zoned Crystal: A crystal that grew while temperatures were changing or while the composition of the parent solution was changing. Crystals of these minerals can have a range of compositions, with a certain chemistry MORE

Perfect Crystal

Science / Chemistry / Perfect Crystal: A crystal with no defects or impurities, made of completely identical repeating subunits. Further, a perfect crystal has only one possible arrangement of subunits, with every subunit making exactly th MORE

Aluminum Oxide (Alpha Single Crystal)

Health / Dentistry / Aluminum Oxide (Alpha Single Crystal): An inert highly biocompatible strong ceramic material from which endosseous implants are fabricated. MORE


Science / Geology / Recrystallization: A solid state reaction in which the atoms of existing crystals within a rock are reorganized in response to heat and/or pressure. The recrystallized mineral grains are typically larger in size than th MORE

Water Of Crystallization

Science / Chemistry / Water Of Crystallization: Water that is stoichiometrically bound in a crystal; for example, the waters in copper sulfate pentahydrate. MORE

X-Ray Crystallography

Science / Chemistry / X-Ray Crystallography: Determination of three dimensional arrangement of atoms in a crystal by analysis of x-ray diffraction patterns. MORE