Technology / Radar / Bearing: The direction of the line of sight from the radar antenna to the contact. Sometimes called azimuth although in marine usage the latter term is usually restricted to the directions of celestial bodies.
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Bearing Noun Synonyms: carriage, deportment, manner, behavior, conduct, aspect, demeanor, posture, stance, air, attitude, mien, presence

Resolution In Bearing

Technology / Radar / Resolution In Bearing: The ability to display multiple objects individually that are closely spaced at the same range. Shorter pulse lengths increase resolution MORE

Open Bearing

Technology / Motors / Open Bearing: A ball bearing that does not have a shield, seal or guard on either of the two sides of the bearing casing. MORE

Noninterest-Bearing Note

Business / Finance / Noninterest-Bearing Note: A note without periodic interest payment, but selling at a discount and maturing at face value. See: Zero-coupon bond. MORE

Nonbearing Wall

Business / Construction / Nonbearing Wall: A wall supporting no load other than its own weight. MORE

Roller Bearing

Technology / Motors / Roller Bearing: A special bearing system with cylindrical rollers capable of handling belted applications, too large for standard ball bearings. MORE

Sleeve Bearings

Technology / Motors / Sleeve Bearings: A type of bearing with no rolling elements, where the motor shaft rides on a film of oil. MORE