Technology / Programming / Type: Type refers to what datatype a variable represents. For instance, int, string, or char are all datatypes. All variables and methods must have a type even if that type is void, unless they are the constructor method of a class.
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Type Adjective Synonyms: typewrite, keyboard, transcribe
Type Noun Synonyms: class, category, classification, kind, sort, genre, order, variety, breed, species, strain, group, genus, ilk, kidney

Movable Type

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Movable Type: For sale blogging software which allows you to host a blog on your website. Movable Type is typically much harder to install than Wordpress is. MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Typepad: Hosted blogging platform provided by SixApart, who also makes Movable Type. It allows you to publish sites on a subdomain off of Typepad.com, or to publish content which appears as though it is on its MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Daguerreotype: First practical and commercial photographic process, introduced by louis daguerre in 1839. The sensitive material comprised silver iodide, deposited on a polished silver plated copper base. A positive MORE

D2 (Dopamine Type 2) Receptors

Science / Psychiatry / D2 (Dopamine Type 2) Receptors: One of a number of receptor sites in the brain where antipsychotics have antagonist effects, to suppress the symptoms of schizophrenia. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Cyanotype: Contact printing process producing a blue image on a white background. MORE


Science / Biology / Ecotype: A subdivision of a species; a stage in the formation of a species such that reproductive isolation has occurred. MORE