Technology / Programming / Statement: A command line that ends with a semicolon.
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Statement Adjective Synonyms: assertion, allegation, declaration, expression, report, account, affirmation, asseveration, averral, announcement, annunciation, proclamation, utterance, communication, disclosure

Consolidated Financial Statements

Business / Accounting / Consolidated Financial Statements: Statements that report the combined operating results, financial position, and cash flows of two or more legally separate but affiliated companies as if they were one economic entity. MORE

Statement Of Financial Accounting Standards No. 8

Business / Finance / Statement Of Financial Accounting Standards No. 8: The currency translation standard currently used by U.S. firms. It mandates the use of the current rate method. See: Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 8. MORE

Statement Of Information

Business / Real Estate / Statement Of Information: Also called a Statement of Identity. Statements provided to the escrow agent verifying pertinent data identifying the grantor, grantee, or borrower. MORE

Statement-Of-Cash-Flows Method

Business / Finance / Statement-Of-Cash-Flows Method: The is a currency translation standard once used by U.S. accounting firms. See: Statement of Accounting Standards No. 52. MORE

Pro-Forma Financial Statements

Business / Finance / Pro-Forma Financial Statements: A set of financial statements and other schedules that show projected results for a future period. They are called pro-forma financial statements because they have the form of financial statements, bu MORE

Account Statement

Business / Finance / Account Statement: In the context of banking, refers to a summary of all balances. In the context of securities, a summary of all transactions and positions (long and short) between a broker/dealer and a client. See als MORE