Technology / Programming / Scope: Scope defines the area of an application or method in which a variable is accessible. Most variables are accessible only within the brackets within which they are declared.
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Scope Verb Synonyms: range, reach, field, area, extent, compass, expanse, breadth, sphere, orbit, span

Scanning Electron Microscope

Entertainment / Photography / Scanning Electron Microscope: Device used in photomicrography. MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Rotoscope: A device used in animation wherein a single frame from a live-action film is rear-projected onto a light table with a semi-opaque glass in the center: the animator traces the images cast by the film o MORE

Scope For Growth

Science / Marine Biology / Scope For Growth: The surplus of energy available for growth beyond that required for maintenance MORE

Scope Of Practice

Health / First Aid / Scope Of Practice: It is in the paramedic scope of practice to give injections through muscle, under skin or directly into a vein. Paramedics are not usually licensed to suture wounds. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Stereoscope: Viewer which accepts pairs of stereoscopic images. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Spectroscope: An instrument for measuring the spectrum of light or radiation. MORE