Technology / Programming / Protocol: A protocol is a set format for exchanging information. When you phone someone, their number must be in a set format. In one group of countries, that format is '(123) 456-7890', but in others it is '01234 567890' or '01 23 45 678'. Like dialing a telephone number, a program must relay information in such formats to be understood by other programs on other computers.
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Protocol Noun Synonyms: rule(s) or code(s) or standard(s) of behavior or conduct, convention(s), custom(s), diplomacy, formality, formalities, form, etiquette, politesse, manners, practice,age, authority

Montreal Protocol On Ozone Depleting Substances

Business / Agriculture / Montreal Protocol On Ozone Depleting Substances: An international agreement, to which the U.S. is a signatory, for controlling emissions of chemicals that deplete stratospheric ozone (including methyl bromide). The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 c MORE

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

Business / Internet Marketing / Transmission Control Protocol (TCP): Transmission Control Protocol works with IP to ensure that packets travel safely on the Internet. This is the method by which most Internet activity takes place. MORE

Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

Business / Internet Marketing / Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP): Serial Line Internet Protocol. SLIP refers to a method of Internet connection that enables computers to use phone lines and a modem to connect to the Internet without having to connect to a host. MORE