Technology / Programming / Loop: The repetition of code based upon certain conditions expressed by one of the following conditionals: if...elif...else, while, or for. The body of the loop is that part in which the computer does something if the condition is true. Looping is also known as iteration.
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Loop Verb Synonyms: hoop, noose, ring, circle, bow, eye, eyelet, coil, whorl, bend


Business / Finance / Loophole: A technicality in some legislation or regulation that makes it possible to avoid certain consequences or circumvent a rule without breaking the law, such as in the use of a tax shelter. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Looper: A very slow, wide hook. MORE

Looping The Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Looping The Ball: A slow big hook. Also, the act of bringing your throwing hand behind your back in your armswing as it loops from out to in; generally not desirable. See also armswing, inside out armswing and outside MORE

Mail Loop

Technology / Email / Mail Loop: A communication error between two email servers, usually happening when a misconfigured email triggers an automated response from the recipient server. MORE

Negative Feedback Loop

Science / Biology / Negative Feedback Loop: A biochemical pathway where the products of the reaction inhibit production of the enzyme that controlled their formation. MORE

Ground Loop

Technology / Home Audio / Ground Loop: The term given to the condition that occurs when a voltage potential exists between two separate ground points. MORE