Doc String

Technology / Programming / Doc String: A string which follows a function in order to detail its purpose in a way that is easily accessible to python and not just the programmer.
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Other Words for String

String Verb Synonyms: line, cord, thread, twine, fibre, rope, cable, ligament, strand, filament
String Noun Synonyms: leash, lead, leader

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Technology / Computers / Portable Document Format (PDF): A technology developed by Adobe and was designed to capture all of the elements of a printed document and place it in a singe image file. This PDF file can be navigated, printed or attached to an emai MORE

Petrine Doctrine

Entertainment / Literature / Petrine Doctrine: Roman Catholics (and pretty much all medieval Christians in western Europe) have traditionally believed the Petrine doctrine. The Petrine doctrine is the belief that Saint Peter was given special auth MORE


Science / Biology / Pseudocoelom: In nematodes, a closed fiuid-containing cavity that acts as a hydrostatic skeleton to maintain body shape, circulate nutrients, and hold the major body organs. MORE


Science / Biology / Pseudocoelomates: Animals that have a body cavity that is in direct contact with the outer muscular layer of the body and does not arise by splitting of the mesoderm; e.g., roundworms. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Pseudocyesis: Included in DSM-IV as one of the somatoform disorders. It is characterized by a false belief of being pregnant and by the occurrence of signs of being pregnant, such as abdominal enlargement, breast e MORE


Science / Chemistry / Pseudocore: Electrons in d or f subshells which are outside the noble gas core. MORE