Technology / Programming / Capacitor: Capacitors are another element used to control the flow of charge in a circuit. The name derives from their capacity to store a charge. Capacitors consist of two conducting surfaces separated by an insulator:, a wire lead is connected to each surface.
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Capacitor (Power Audio)

Technology / Home Audio / Capacitor (Power Audio): Power stabilizing capacitors store the necessary power amplifiers need to punch larger bass notes while limiting clipping. They store energy during intervals when it is not required, which is most of MORE

Electrolytic Capacitor

Technology / Home Audio / Electrolytic Capacitor: A polarized capacitor with a negative and a positive terminal that is commonly used for DC power filtration and energy storage. As with all capacitors, the dielectic insulator separates two plates and MORE

Capacitor Start

Technology / Motors / Capacitor Start: The capacitor start single phase motor is basically the same as the split phase start, except that it has a capacitor in series with the starting winding. The addition of the capacitor provides a more MORE

Capacitor Motor

Technology / Motors / Capacitor Motor: A single-phase induction motor with a main winding arranged for direct connection to the power source, and auxiliary winding connected in series with a capacitor. There are three types of capacitor mo MORE

Condenser Microphone

Technology / Home Audio / Condenser Microphone: A mike that depends on an external power supply or internal battery to electrostatically charge capacitor plates, one of which is subjected to sonic motion. Also called a 'Capacitor' microphone. MORE