Technology / Motors / Tests: A variety of tests are conducted to ensure motor performance, efficiency, and manufacturing integrity:
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Temperature Tests

Technology / Motors / Temperature Tests: Tests conducted to determine the temperature rise of certain parts of a motor above the ambient temperature, when operating under specific conditions. MORE

Hardness Tests

Business / Machine Shop / Hardness Tests: Tests to measure the hardness of metals. MORE

Diagnostic Tests

Health / Dentistry / Diagnostic Tests: Tests and procedures ordered by a physician to help diagnose or monitor a patient's condition or disease. Diagnostic tools include radiology, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, laboratory and pathology ser MORE

Projective Tests

Science / Psychiatry / Projective Tests: Psychological diagnostic tests in which the test material is unstructured so that any response will reflect a projection of some aspect of the subjects underlying personality and psychopathology MORE

Permanence Tests

Entertainment / Photography / Permanence Tests: Methods of establishing whether long term permanence of an image has been achieved. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Fixative: A liquid, that may be shellac in methylated spirits or synthetic cellulose solution, that is intended to be sprayed as a fine mist on to charcoal, soft pencil, chalk or pastel to consolidate the drawi MORE