Form Wound

Technology / Motors / Form Wound: A type of coil in which each winding is individually formed and placed into the stator slot. A cross sectional view of the winding would be rectangular. Usually form winding is used on high voltage, 2300 volts and above, and large motors (449T and above). Form winding allows for better insulation on high voltage than does random (mush) winding.
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Other Words for Form

Form Verb Synonyms: acquire, develop, cultivate, contract, get
Form Noun Synonyms: blank, model, format, frame, framework, course, procedure, order, regimen, method, system, ritual, formula, rule(s), practice, technique, way, means, approach, mode, fashion, manner, style
Form Adjective Synonyms: shape, configuration, conformation, order, organization, arrangement, formation, construction, structure, construct, frame, cut, cast, mould, pattern, appearance, manifestation

Other Words for Wound

Wound Adjective Synonyms: damage, hurt, injury, trauma, traumatism, laceration, puncture, cut, gash, slash, lesion, bruise, contusion

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