Sweet Spot

Technology / Home Audio / Sweet Spot: The so-called 'best' listening position in which the sound field is overlapped by the most direct radiations from all the speakers, and imaging is most convincingly achieved.
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Other Words for Spot

Spot Noun Synonyms: morsel, bit, bite, smidgen or smidgin
Spot Verb Synonyms: mark, patch, speck, blot, blotch, blemish, speckle, fleck, particle, mote, macula, smudge, stain, stigma, discoloration, splodge or also splotch
Spot Adjective Synonyms: site, place, locale, location, locality, scene, setting, section, area, neighborhood, quarter

Other Words for Sweet

Sweet Noun Synonyms: sugary, honey-like, honeyed, sweetened
Sweet Adjective Synonyms: harmonious, melodious, sweet-sounding, euphonious, dulcet, musical, tuneful, euphonic, mellifluous, mellow, lyric, silvery, bell-like, golden

Spot Secondary

Business / Finance / Spot Secondary: The graphical depiction of the relationship between the spot rates and maturity. MORE

Spot Rewards

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Spot Rewards: Cash and noncash awards given to employees for ideas submitted or accomplishments benefiting the organization. MORE

Spot Serving

Entertainment / Tennis / Spot Serving: Serving with precision resulting in the ball either landing on or near the intersection of the center service line and service line or singles tramline and service line. MORE

Spot Trade

Business / Finance / Spot Trade: Secondary distribution that may not require an SEC registration statement and may be attempted without delay. An underwriting discount is normally included in these offerings. MORE

Spot Zoning

Business / Real Estate / Spot Zoning: Zoning of parcels not in conformance with the general zoning of an area. MORE

Spot TV

Technology / Television (TV) / Spot TV: The advertising time purchased from individual stations. There are two major types local and national. Local spots are purchased in one market and aimed only at the audience in that particular market. MORE