Super Tweeter

Technology / Home Audio / Super Tweeter: A Driver constructed to reproduce the highest possible frequencies from roughly 13 khz to 25 khz. While most standard Tweeters can do an excellent job right up to 16 or 20 khz, these units deliver the most extreme parts of the upper range for those fortunate (or not) few who can actually hear them.
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Other Words for Super

Super Adjective Synonyms: wonderful


Business / Finance / Supermajority: Usually a home financing bond, but also any other bond that has long-term coupons but short maturity; the mortgages may be prepaid, and the holders may receive the long-term yield after a short period MORE

Superior Vena Cava

Science / Biology / Superior Vena Cava: Blood from the head returns to the heart through this main vein. MORE

Supermajority Amendment

Business / Finance / Supermajority Amendment: Provision in a company's charter requiring a majority of, say, 80% of shareholders to approve certain changes, such as a merger. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Supermoto: Generally, a style of motorcycle usually built around, and looking like, off-road machines with street tires. They tend to be very light, flickable machines, and are used in a genre of motorcycle raci MORE


Science / Chemistry / Superoxide.: A binary compound containing oxygen in the -½ oxidation state. For example, KO2 is potassium superoxide, an ionic compound containing the superoxide ion, O2-. MORE

Superior Planets

Science / Astrology / Superior Planets: Planets whose orbits are larger than Earth's. The term is sometimes restricted to the three outermost planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. MORE