Technology / Home Audio / Linear: 1. Referring to mechanical movement, the ability of the voice coil to move in and out in the air gap without moving side-to-side. Non-linear movement can damage the voice coil. 2. Referring to woofer response, the ability to maintain power or movement without loss of drive force. 3. Referring to enclosure port operation, the relationship bewteen the amount of air moving through the port vs. The amount of air moved by the cone. Non-linear response in a port can cause audible distortion.
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Phase Linear

Technology / Home Audio / Phase Linear: Any audio system which accurately preserves phase relationships between frequencies, i.e., that exhibits pure delay. MORE

Nonlinear Editing (NLE)

Technology / Television (TV) / Nonlinear Editing (NLE): Editing performed on a computer, in which shots do not have to be placed one after the other (i.e., in a linear fashion). MORE

Rapid Rectilinear

Entertainment / Photography / Rapid Rectilinear: Lens system composed of two matching doublet lenses, symmetrically placed around the focal aperture. It was introduced by dallmeyer and sternheil and removed many of the aberrations present in more si MORE