Gas Plasma

Technology / Home Audio / Gas Plasma: Gas plasma emitters are a type of Horn Driver wherein a plasma or ionized gas field is developed and then propelled between two electrostatic grids. The onrushing gas is then compacted or dispersed in conformity to the frequency and level of the high voltage input signal. This type of driver, while very effective, is also extremely expensive, and so has not been commercially successful.
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Noble Gas Core

Science / Chemistry / Noble Gas Core: All completely filled shells underneath the valence shell. MORE

Oil And Gas Lease

Business / Real Estate / Oil And Gas Lease: A grant of the sole and exclusive right to extract oil and/or gas from beneath the surface of land. Such a lease is generally for a designated term of years and is subject to a payment of royalties in MORE

On The Gas

Technology / Motorcycle / On The Gas: When a rider is going very fast. “I tried to pass him, but he was really on the gas.” MORE