Detachable Face

Technology / Home Audio / Detachable Face: Occasionally referred to as 'Removable Panel' or 'Theft Deterrent Faceplate', or some variation. This is a physical method for foiling receiver thieves. The idea is that you take just the front panel with the controls with you when you leave the car. A thief cannot buy a new face for a unit unless he has a receipt for it. Some manufacturers makes sets with rotating faces called Mask.
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Other Words for Face

Face Noun Synonyms: mask, veneer, facade, front, camouflage, pretence, disguise, (false) impression, semblance, masquerade
Face Adjective Synonyms: visage, countenance, physiognomy, features, lineaments, mug, mush, kisser, pan, puss, phiz, phizog, dial, clock
Face Verb Synonyms: coat, surface, cover, clad, dress, sheathe, overlay, finish, veneer

Refinish or Resurface

Entertainment / Bowling / Refinish or Resurface: To sand and/or polish a ball that is heavily tracked in an attempt to restore the out-of-box finish. MORE

Principal (Face Value Or Maturity Value)

Business / Accounting / Principal (Face Value Or Maturity Value): The amount that will be paid on a bond at a maturity date. The original amount of money invested, excluding any interest or dividends (e.g., $1,000 to purchase a Treasury bill). MORE

Original Face Value

Business / Finance / Original Face Value: The principal amount of a mortgage as of its issue date. MORE