Condenser Microphone

Technology / Home Audio / Condenser Microphone: A mike that depends on an external power supply or internal battery to electrostatically charge capacitor plates, one of which is subjected to sonic motion. Also called a 'Capacitor' microphone.
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Microphone (Mike)

Technology / Television (TV) / Microphone (Mike): Device used to record sound. The pickup pattern of a microphone may be omnidirectional or cardioid. See also lavaliere microphone and hypercardioid microphone. MORE

Lavaliere Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Lavaliere Microphone: A small microphone often clipped to a performer's tie or shirt. MORE

Omnidirectional Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Omnidirectional Microphone: A microphone that is able to pick up sound equally from all directions. MORE

Overhead Boom Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Overhead Boom Microphone: Held on a long arm by a boom operator, positioned above the actors' heads and out of view of the camera, it is equipped with a hypercardioid microphone so that sound from the direction it is pointed w MORE

Unidirectional Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Unidirectional Microphone: A microphone that picks up sound from a specific direction. MORE

Hypercardioid Microphone

Technology / Television (TV) / Hypercardioid Microphone: A highly unidirectional microphone, for which the pickup pattern is narrower than that of a cardioid microphone. So-called 'shotgun' microphones have a hypercardioid pattern. MORE