Technology / Home Audio / Bumped: A method of woofer construction in which the rear suspension system is anchored a little further back by designing the back plate so that it is press stamped, or cast, outward. This allows greater Excursion of the voice coil, and prevents 'bottoming out,' which is very destructive to the coil form when large signals move the voice coil beyond its range limits. This technique does not eliminate the problem, but does help to reduce it.
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Bumped and Vented

Technology / Home Audio / Bumped and Vented: See discussion of Bumped above. Many higher power speakers have a vent hole in the center Pole Piece of the magnet. When viewed from the back, there is usually a screen over the hole to prevent debris MORE

Bumped The Oil Line

Entertainment / Bowling / Bumped The Oil Line: Usually means that a player has thrown what they think is a pretty decent shot on a crowned condition; the ball begins to hook back and then hits the area of more oil and does not finish strongly; it MORE

Bumped Cowling

Technology / Aviation / Bumped Cowling: An engine FAIRING, generally circular, with welts or compound shapes in its surface to accommodate cylinder heads. MORE