Band-Limiting Filters

Technology / Home Audio / Band-Limiting Filters: A low-pass and a high-pass filter in series, acting together to restrict (limit) the overall bandwidth of a system. Many audio amplifiers and processors, having switches labeled as 'Rumble' or 'Hiss,' are filters of this type.
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Technology / Email / Filters: Filters automatically move incoming emails into separate folders according to criteria that you specify. These criteria may be based on who the email is from, the priority, the subject, the main messa MORE

Dichroic Filters

Entertainment / Photography / Dichroic Filters: Produced by metallic surface coatings on glass to form colors by interference of light. Used in high quality color enlarger heads. MORE

Gelatin Filters

Entertainment / Photography / Gelatin Filters: Filters cut from dyed gelatin sheets and held in front of the lens or studio light. MORE

Machine-Learning Filters

Technology / Email / Machine-Learning Filters: Filters run by machines that determine whether to block email based on algorithms that point to whether the message is likely spam. MORE

Tri-Color Filters

Entertainment / Photography / Tri-Color Filters: Filters in deep primarily colors used to expose color prints by the additive method. MORE

Cutoff Frequency Filters

Technology / Home Audio / Cutoff Frequency Filters: The frequency at which a signal falls off by 3 db (the half power point) from it's maximum value. Also referred to as the -3 db points, or the corner frequencies MORE