Acoustic Feedback

Technology / Home Audio / Acoustic Feedback: A phenomenon where the sound from a loudspeaker is picked up by the microphone or other transducer, like a phono cartridge feeding it, and re-amplifys it through the same loudspeaker only to return to the same microphone to be re-amplified again, etc.. Each time the signal becomes larger until the system runs away and rings, or feeds back on itself producing the characteristic scream or squeal found in sound (mostly, PA) systems. These buildups often occur at particular frequencies called feedback frequencies.
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Negative Feedback

Science / Biology / Negative Feedback: The stopping of the synthesis of an enzyme by the accumulation of the products of the enzyme-mediated reaction. MORE

Force feedback

Entertainment / Video Games / Force feedback: True force feedback is when a controller is engineered to provide powered resistance against the motions made by the player. For example, a steering wheel that simulates the feel of the road by resist MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Feedback: See acoustic feedback. MORE