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Science / Weather / Ceiling: The lowest cloud layer that is reported as broken or overcast. If the sky is totally obscured, then it is the height of the vertical visibility.
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Service Ceiling

Technology / Aviation / Service Ceiling: The height above sea level at which an aircraft with normal rated load is unable to climb faster than 100' per minute under Standard Air conditions. MORE

Suspended Ceiling

Business / Construction / Suspended Ceiling: A ceiling system supported by hanging it from the overhead structural framing. MORE

Variable Ceiling

Science / Weather / Variable Ceiling: Occurs when the height of a ceiling layer increases and decreases rapidly, The ascribed height is the average of all the varying values. MORE

Absolute Ceiling

Technology / Aviation / Absolute Ceiling: The maximum altitude above sea level at which an aircraft can maintain level flight under Standard Air conditions. MORE

Measured Ceiling

Science / Weather / Measured Ceiling: A ceiling classification applied when the ceiling value has been determined by an instrument, such as a ceilometer or ceiling light, or by the known heights of unobscured portions of objects, other th MORE

Ceiling Joist

Business / Construction / Ceiling Joist: One of a series of parallel framing members used to support ceiling loads and supported in turn by larger beams, girders or bearing walls. Also called roof joists. MORE