Tide Staff

Science / Tides and Currents / Tide Staff: A water level gauge consisting of a vertical graduated staff from which the height of the water level can be read directly. It is called a fixed staff when secured in place so that it cannot be easily removed. A portable staff is one that is designed for removal from the water when not in use. For such a staff a fixed support is provided. The support has a metal stop secured to it so that the staff will always have the same elevation when installed for use. See electric tape gauge.
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Staff Noun Synonyms: stick, pole, standard, baton, rod, pikestaff, pike, stake, cane, stave, shaft, alpenstock, shillelagh, club, truncheon, mace, crook, crozier, sceptre, wand, caduceus

Spring Tides

Science / Marine Biology / Spring Tides: Fortnightly tides occurring when the vertical tidal range is maximal MORE

Spring Tide

Science / Weather / Spring Tide: A tide of increased range, which occurs about every two weeks when the moon is new or full. MORE

Solstitial Tides

Science / Tides and Currents / Solstitial Tides: Tides occurring near the times of the solstices. The tropic range may be expected to be especially large at these times. MORE