Science / Tides and Currents / Phase: (1) Any recurring aspect of a periodic phenomenon, such as new Moon, high water, flood strength, etc. (2) A particular instant of a periodic function expressed in angular measure and reckoned from the time of its maximum value, the entire period of the function being 360°. The maximum and minimum of a harmonic constituent have phase values of 0° and180°, respectively.
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Phase Noun Synonyms: stage, period, development, step

Phase Change

Science / Chemistry / Phase Change: A change in the state of a sample of matter; for example, solid to liquid or liquid to gas. Phase changes are considered physical rather than chemical changes. MORE

Balsamic Phase

Science / Astrology / Balsamic Phase: When a more quickly orbiting planet trails a planet with a slower orbit and appears to 'catch up' with the slower body, and the planets are within 45 degrees of one another in their orbital cycles, as MORE

Phase Diagram

Science / Chemistry / Phase Diagram: A map that shows which phases of a sample are most stable for a given set of conditions. Phases are depicted as regions on the map; the borderlines between regions correspond to conditions where the p MORE