Science / Tides and Currents / Period: Interval required for the completion of a recurring event, such as the revolution of a celestial body or the time between two consecutive like phases of the tide or tidal current. A period may be expressed in angular measure as 360°. The word also is used to express any specified duration of time.
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Period Noun Synonyms: interval, time, term, span, duration, spell, space, stretch, while, patch

Periodic Inventory

Business / Accounting / Periodic Inventory: A Periodic Inventory is one whose balance is updated on a periodic basis, ie. every week/month/year. See Inventory . MORE

Patristic Period

Entertainment / Literature / Patristic Period: The time of the 'church fathers,' i.e., the time of the early Church and the Church's first theologians, running through the last days of the apostles through the time of Saint Augustine's conversion MORE

Ordovician Period

Science / Biology / Ordovician Period: Geologic period of the Paleozoic Era after the Cambrian Period between 500 and 435 million years ago. Major advances during this period include the bony fish and possibly land plants (during the late MORE

Elimination Period

Health / Dentistry / Elimination Period: This is the period of time between the date the disability begins and the beginning of the benefit payment period. It is the period during which an employee must be disabled before payment of benefits MORE

Periodic Style

Entertainment / Literature / Periodic Style: A style of writing in which the sentences tend to be periodic. See discussion under periodic sentence, above. Periodic style in English is usually considered indirect or artificially 'artsy' in compar MORE

Plan Period

Business / Finance / Plan Period: Another term for Forecast Period. MORE