Science / Tides and Currents / Ordinary: With respect to tides, the use of this nontechnical word has, for the most part, been determined to be synonymous with mean. Thus, ordinary high (low) water is the equivalent of mean high (low) water. The use of ordinary in tidal terms is discouraged.
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Ordinary Adjective Synonyms: standard, norm, average, status quo, convention, expected
Ordinary Noun Synonyms: usual, normal, expected, common, general, customary, routine, typical, habitual, accustomed, traditional, regular, everyday, familiar, set, humdrum
Ordinary Adverb Synonyms: common, conventional, modest, plain, simple, prosaic, homespun, commonplace, run-of-the-mill, everyday, average, unpretentious, workaday, mediocre, fair, passable, so so, undistinguished, unexceptional, unremarkable, uninspired, pedestrian, bourgeois

Extraordinary Call

Business / Finance / Extraordinary Call: A dividend that is paid in addition to a firm's established or expected quarterly dividend. MORE

Ordinary Share

Business / Accounting / Ordinary Share: This is a type of share issued by a limited company. It carries the highest risk but usually attracts the highest rewards. MORE

Ordinary Shares

Business / Finance / Ordinary Shares: Apples mainly to international equities. Shares of non-U.S. companies traded in their individual home markets. Usually cannot be delivered in the U.S. See: ADR. MORE

Ordinary Income

Business / Finance / Ordinary Income: The income derived from the regular operating activities of a firm or individual. MORE

Ordinary Interest

Business / Finance / Ordinary Interest: Interest based on a 360-day year instead of a 365-day year, resulting in what can be a significant difference. MORE

Ordinary Emulsion

Entertainment / Photography / Ordinary Emulsion: Is a term applied to a photographic emulsion which is only sensitive to ultra-violet and blue light. MORE