Science / Tides and Currents / N: Rate of change (as of January 1, 1900) in mean longitude of the Moon's node. N = – 0.002,206,41° per solar hour.
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Riskless Transaction

Business / Finance / Riskless Transaction: A transaction that is guaranteed a profit, such as the arbitrage of a temporary differential between commodity prices in two different markets. The evaluation of whether dealer markups and markdowns i MORE


Health / Dentistry / Carelink: A program that offers members a comprehensive open access benefit plan with the protection they need wherever they need it - throughout the country. Members in these plans can access a broad provider MORE


Life Style / Painting / Monochrome: A method of decorating floors, walls and ceilings with tiny fragments (tesserae) set into mastic plaster or cement. It has a beginning in Crete and with the early Greeks. The largest mosaic is on the MORE

Harmonized System

Business / Agriculture / Harmonized System: The international classification system for goods, implemented by most countries on January 1, 1998, which is used for tariff classification, trade statistics, and ultimately, transport documentation. MORE

Plant Hardiness Zones

Business / Agriculture / Plant Hardiness Zones: The USDA has divided North America into 11 hardiness zones based on average annual minimum temperatures. Horticulturalists and nurseries rate plants by their hardiness: the hardiness zone maps can the MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Exposition: The use of authorial discussion to explain or summarize background material rather than revealing this information through gradual narrative detail. Often, this technique is considered unartful, espec MORE