Science / Tides and Currents / Month: The period of the revolution of the Moon around the Earth. The month is designated as siderial, tropical, anomalistic, nodical, or synodical according to whether the revolution is relative to a fixed star, vernal equinox, perigee, ascending node, or Sun. The calendar month is a rough approximation to the synodical month.
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Black History Month

Life Style / Holiday / Black History Month: Black History Month started in 1926 in the United States as Negro History Week. February was chosen because both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass have birthdays in that month. Organizations cele MORE

Nearest Month

Business / Finance / Nearest Month: The expiration date of an option or future that is closest to the present. MORE

Monthly Operating Report (MOR)

Health / Health Insurance / Monthly Operating Report (MOR): A document that reports the month- and year-to-date financial status of a managed care plan. MORE